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    so after the auto-x i NEED new tires. What tires would you guys think would be a good choice?
    I want a road tire, but still be good for some auto-x
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    what size?


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      I would suggest two sets: Sumitomo HTR 200s for auto-x, and a good road tire on another set of rims, like the Kumho Solus tires. Very good all-around tires and long-wearing. You will probably not find a tire great for auto-x and all-around road. The HTR200s grip well on dry pavement but will wear out quickly, and are no good in wet or snow.
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        Extra tires

        I agree with Tom,two sets would be best,one set to get there and one to race with,a hydraulic jack from Wally world,a lug wrench and your ready to go.You did well for your first time in the car.some practice and a couple more sets of tires and the fast guys will be looking at your bumper.Make Friends with the guys at a junk yard close to you,heck put there name on the quarter panel and you might just get some free sticky tires.
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          Falken Azenis or Nitto 555r

          Everything else is a joke.
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            Total agreement with Tom, if you want to be fast in AutoX you really need a dedicated race tire, especially since your running in the SM class.