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17 inch rims?

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  • 17 inch rims?

    Hey, I have a hook up on some 17's, I was just wondering how much modding I would have to do?, they need new tires, so I can go fairly low pro
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    Hey, many people have asked this question. Yes it is possible, just requires searching. Here are some links to start you off:

    Discuss improvements to your Festiva or Aspire in the handling, braking, wheels and tires areas.

    Discuss improvements to your Festiva or Aspire in the handling, braking, wheels and tires areas.

    Also a good quote I found-
    "I have got 17x7's +40 offset with 205 30 tyres on my 1996 WB. They fit ok at the front. Had to get 8mm spacers for the back because they were really close to the strut. Wouldnt want the front to be lowered as they fill out the guards pretty well but the back could cope with 30-50mm lower.
    There is abit of guard rub if I go over a real big bumb, especially if im turning a corner"

    I hope this helps you out

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      I bet even of you could fit them the ride would be atrocious.
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        I believe a "WB" indicates the Aspire/Avella body style that I think has more fender room for larger tires.

        If you really really really want 17s and know it will take work, go for it.

        If you are like me and want something that will work well with minimal work and expense, I'd wait for nothing larger than 15 X 6.5".

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