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  • custom tire cutouts

    well, not really

    everyone look at what happened to my poor front right tire when the spindle broke and caused the wheel to sieze:

    Obviously, the tire needs replaced. My 15" rotas have been put to pasture until I can afford another $84 tire. sad

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    Got it fixed yet? Any idea why it seized?


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      Did you get it fixed yet ? your front end must be tight.
      I wonder if your front end components were questionable if that would have ripped a ball joint or tie rod right out.
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        heh there wasn't even any opportunity to thump-- i had it towed and repaired when it stranded me on the freeway.

        with the new transmission that i'm still not sure if it needed or not and the new spindle and right front wheel bearing (under warranty so that got replaced free) the car does turn like a dream. it shifts a lot smoother too and each gear position has an affermitive position of the lever, no more slushy shifting!


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          Do you have any pics of those wheels on your car?
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            Of course!

            they always did look sweet. if you're interested in taking them off my hands pm me. the other 3 have great rubber, not even 3 months old.

            i paid around $300 plus whatever shipping was for them and close to $350 for the tires. one caveat though, you'll need one new tire :P


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              what in the world is on your hood? nice wheels
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                hehe they are magnetic cat paw prints


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                  i thought those were bullet holes, is that also a cb antenna i see?