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tie rod ends, will these work

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  • tie rod ends, will these work

    Okay will these tie rod ends work on my aspire swap, I realized my asshole of a mechanic didn't change the bushings like I asked when he put all the parts on, now the bushings are crapped out, might as well replace the tie rods if these will work, they look oem, guy has good feedback, but are they all right for my setup.


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    Go to Rock Auto and compare parts numbers between the 2000 to 2002 Rio and all years Aspires. If you look hard, there is actually a model cut off date for some parts denoting "early" and "late" Rios.

    I did this a short time ago and I believe they are the same part numbers. The inner tie rod ends are NOT the same, but that won't affect your swap.

    The early Rios also use the same front brake pads as the ATX Aspires, though not all parts numbers will be the same on the different brand pads.

    (Early Rios also use the same inner rear wheel bearings as Aspires!)

    My arcane Rio/Aspire knowledge has just run out for now, though!

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