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Bigger brakes.... from Kia!?!?

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    Originally posted by Festevil3 View Post
    Escort Wagon calipers also work and are bigger...same setup I am running on Festycul
    i gotta call you on this. the ford parts book doesn't show any different caliper or rotor number that applies to the wagon. there would be the number 58 or 74 (body type) if there was a part specific to the wagon or sedan. 1991 escorts used rotor diameters of 9.25" or 10.15" depending on trim level. 1992-1996 escorts 9.25 and 10.25" rotors. as far as my experience is, most all tracer/escorts i see in the JY have the bigger rotors, the smaller ones being fitted only to the very base model with 13" wheels. you have evidence of wagon calipers being bigger?