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Where do i find custom wheels

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  • Where do i find custom wheels

    where would i find custom festiva rims, being so small i figure i'd check here to see where everyone gets them before i go to some random wheel places around me, i'm painting my festiva caddillac pearl with a blue strip decal down the side to match our drag cars and i'd like some sweet rims to go with it, rather than my rusted spray painted black ones. also, the little tiny ford wheel cap, i can't find them anywhere, anyone know about those either?

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    ebay and you can go bigger. i went 13 some like 14 and with aspire swap 15s.
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      14" is about the max I would go on the stock brakes. Aspire swap the brakes, then it's up to you on the size.
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        If you go to a tire store sometimes they will let you "try on rims"
        To see what they look like/ or if they fit.
        Also they can lookup rims with the correct offset to match your car almost perfect.

        Then when you've found the pair you want...
        Go buy them cheaper online lol.
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          Originally posted by Team Lightning View Post
          14" is about the max I would go on the stock brakes. Aspire swap the brakes, then it's up to you on the size.
          I agree with jerry. I have 15s on my white one dropped about as low as I can go. I hate these 15s and miss my 14s the 15s make it feel more sluggish and what not, the only thing they are good for is cornering and believe me when I say that when you put wide tread under these cars you can hug the street
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            I found some sweet rims at Pepboys that are 13' 58-65 each or around store in fort Lauderdale had them, not all do however. they're aluminum and silver colored....let me know if you want a pic or something. Mark
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              AR Estrellas.
              If it don't fit, use a bigger hammer!

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