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  • show me your Wheels!!

    hey guys,been trying like hell to find some affordable wheels for my 90 model before i blow money on a set of tires for the stock wheels. I seen a member on the fb group who posted some CHEAP aftermarket wheels that i really liked and i thought i took a screenshot of them and the link but i cant find it anywhere (I think they was TSW's) but that was months ago so it would take me weeks to filter through the group to find again so show me your aftermarket wheels and maybe i ll get lucky and find them again!!! thanks!

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    Sorry I don't have a pic, but will tell you what I have found I know this is boring,but practical geo metro 13's fit like they were made for the car paint em or put hubcaps on them and you can get 155/80/13s anyday of the week anywhere.I've tried other 13's without as happy of results and ran 175/70/13s on the metro wheels until I wore the tires out then went back to 155s. Why? because at least on my car I had to run wheel spacers and longer lugs on the rear so the 175s didn't rub on my rear spring perches. If you want to run wheel spacers and longer lugs I can get you the wheel spacer part number and I used VW rabbit alloy wheel lugs.
    30 + Vehicle projects right now.7 Festiva/Mazda 10 GM IDK how many others,hope that helps explain all the stupid questions/shortcuts/interchanges etc. trying to liquidate so I concentrate on the good ones. Goal finish 1 amonth using as much stuff as I already have accumulated.