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Mazda Demio Brake swap

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  • Mazda Demio Brake swap


    i am searching for some proposals for a bigger front brake in my b6 swapped Demio. It is based on the 121.
    So maybe someone can say me what i need to take the bigger kia rio brake. Only the brake caliper and disc or the complete front axis.

    Thank you

    greets from Germany

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    If the axle spine count is the same the big rio brakes might work out. You would need the rio knuckles calipers rotors and pads.
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      Demio brakes, 2000-2002 Rio brakes, and aspire brakes are all identical.

      In fact, Demio oneís are better because they have the studs pressed in already.

      If you want to upgrade, you could look into ford Capri brakes which can be modded to fit bigger rotors or calipers or something like that (I donít recall the details)
      And as mike said 2003-2005 (old shape model) Kia Rio fronts would be an upgrade, but I donít know if itís just the hubs that are required. However, your current brakes are more than good enough for a b6....
      Perhaps see if you can upgrade the suspension and brake pads instead. That should also improve stopping dynamics.
      1988 MAZDA 121- B6T + G5MR SWAP IN PROGRESS.


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        I need bigger brakes to turbo it.
        I have a k Sport suspension in it.
        I need at least 255 brakes in the front