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Real world tire wheel combinations in use

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  • Real world tire wheel combinations in use

    I have recently been searching for different tire/wheel options,
    Man is it difficult to narrow down what is possible.
    The search feature just doesn't give reliable results on this matter.

    I know from searching that 165/45/15 tires on +38 6.5 wheels will work
    and a few people have 165/50/15 reportedly with no issues however the wheel size and backspace is unknown.
    I am hopeful to run 165/55/15 on +38et 6.5 wheels but cannot confirm if they will clear

    We should have a list with what wheel tire combos people are actually running and what modifications or spacers they are implementing.

    To begin I am currently running

    175/70/13 on 13x5.5 wheels +38 et : stock festiva : slight rub on the rear shock lower perch, clear in the front no rub

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    here's a good thread to look at:

    currently I am running 165/50/15 tires on 15x7 +38 and I need spacers in the front. idk what size spacers they came on the car
    no problems at all other than 45 degree sidewalls haha

    I would recommend getting less than 7 in wide wheels because I personally find 165 too stretched on my 7 in wheels.
    apparently I am the only one who thinks that though. It really doesnt matter if you are just going to use the setup on the streets.
    It's funny just about all of your questions were answered in the thread I linked, but to save you time all the combos you posted should work fine.

    cool to see another VA festy owner!
    92 Festiva L - bp & hydro g, advanced coilovers, aspire brake swapped


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      Its a little hard to make a list with so many variables. Even 165 tires in different brands are different widths. The amount of camber you have changes weather the tires rub or not as well as having an aspire swap or festiva stuff still, or nates camber plates...

      I have 165/50 r14 with 14x6 rims and +45 offset, aspire swap on the front, festiva rear, stock front struts, aspire kyb's converted to coilovers on the rear, not lowered, -2degrees camber at all 4 corners.
      Front rims are close to the strut, cant have much more neg camber before the wheel weights would hit. Rear is fine but it was too much neg camber for my 175/70 r13 tires which were no issue with stock suspension.

      Change any one of those things and my info doesnt mean a whole lot [emoji14]

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