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2001 Kia Rio Hub

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  • 2001 Kia Rio Hub

    I saw a video about Kia Rio strut mounts and decided to order some. While searching for parts I noticed that the Rio wheel hub looks identical to the Aspire wheel hubs. Does anyone know if they fit? I can only find pictures and can't find a part number for the Aspire hub.

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    You can use the steering knuckles/brakes on the front but nothing on the back that I know of. It's said that the 01-02 Rio front brakes are the same as the Aspire Automatic brakes.
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      if you get the 02.5 or so kia rio hub (just the hub, not the knuckle) that came from the factory with wheel studs you can use it in an aspire knuckle. the 01/early 02 hubs can also be used but they are threaded holes like the aspire.

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        Thanks to both of you for the information. I just checked all the bearings, seals, splines, etc. and was about to take a chance and order some (very cheap on RockAuto). Good to have it confirmed! ty1