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The Festiva.. Lightning upgrades

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  • The Festiva.. Lightning upgrades

    So ive Had this car for maybe around a month or so, (I call it Lightning) and Ive been busy upgrading/changing/fixing various things on it
    When I got it it had a big nasty dent on the drivers side, and I have so far hammered out the dent, removed the paint, slapped on some bondo and sanded it down and primed it.
    No i didnt do the work in the rain hah, it was just raining a bit when i pulled it out to take a picture
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    Havent ordered any of the touch up paints yet but an auto store near me will mix up a pint 12 ounces (i think) for about 60 bucks, but they charge on top of that about 40 bucks to load up just one aerosol can which is only about 4 ounces, kind of a wast of money, but I think i will just order the paint and spray gun it myself.

    Ive also got some new seats I pulled from a 05 kia rio, they require me to grind off and fabricate all four new mounting brackets, yep, but i couldnt pass the seats they Look brand new and matched the interior colors better than the old seats. a bit more of a bucket seat and way more comfort,
    I will post some pics when i get it done

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      Nice! My aqua colored car has a big patch of bondo in almost the same spot. Just wait til you find some 14-15 inch wheels and see how much better the car handles.
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        Ya I’m excited when I get to that part, there’s a few I’ve found on Craigslist near me but I think I’m going to wait that out for now.

        !!!!!!!! Because I think I’m going to buy a mx3 16v Dohc b6d engine! Theres not much Ive found here on those particular swaps, So I put up a thread about it in the n/a engine swap section, if anyone has any tips or info about it !!!!!!!!!!!!

        i just finished putting in the new seats and they look awesome. nice change from the old ones. Lots a bending then measuring to get the brackets just right but their in, painted they new brackets with some black tremclad paint I had around, and the seats almost look like they’ve always been in the car.
        The pictures are to big to upload but I’ll get some up soon
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