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First outing with the Turbo Festiva

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  • First outing with the Turbo Festiva

    Well, fucking shit.

    5,800ft elevation
    7640ft density altitude

    Had a hard time trusting the car and myself the first three passes and kept lifting to shift to ensure it would go into second gear. I just needed to trust the car. Understandable as this was the first outing and first launches with the car. Boost for the first three runs was 29psi and turbine backpressure was 22psi.

    Last pass I gave the boost controller 5% and boost went to 30.5-31psi. Turbine backpressure went to 24psi. I finally got over the mental block of lifting on the 1-2 shift and nailed all the shifts while keeping the throttle planted the entire run.

    Everyone tried to push me to turn it up more and try for a 12 second pass. With the complete unknown of the 1.3L B3 motor, I was content putting it back on the trailer running as I had far exceeded my goals and expectations for the day and initial build. I felt really comfortable in the driver seat the last run with the car.

    We only got video of the second run with the car. EVER.

    First pass

    Second pass

    Third pass

    Fourth pass
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    The fact that you ran that fast at Bandimere Speedway is absolutely incredible. I lived in Denver for 3 year . I've seen that track humble professionals. Ran the conversation for the density altitude, very impressive! Congrats!


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      Thats pretty impressive with a b3 engine. What clutch are you using?


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        Thats pretty impressive with a b3 engine. What clutch are you using?


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          I am running the strongest single plate clutch(for now) that Clutch Masters offers. This is for an 01-05 Kia Rio however. That is the flywheel, clutch, tranny and axle combo I am running.


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            Thank you.


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              im Assuming you have megasquirt engine management? and air/fuel ratio gauge to tune it for boost so high. I I saw the video of your dyno run a little while back, did it take you long to get a good tune.


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                You assume wrong.

                I run Dsmlink. Or now known as Ecmlink. I have far more than a wide band for tuning. And after 21 years it does not take me long to get a car under control.


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                  You should do a Wright up on your setup, I seen years ago on a miata fourm a guy talking about using dsm link and he kinda got bashed with just mega squirt it. I thought it would be pretty cool and a cheaper option to mega squirt.
                  also congrats on getting that out of your b3! Really impressive these little guys dont get much love so it's cool seeing some one pushing the limits of one.


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                    I was likely the guy getting bashed for being unwilling to use megasquirt. I will not be doing a write up. It is not that important to me and can be repeated if someone with half a brain gives it a try.

                    youll be happy to known the new setup is still being shaken down. It made it 3 hours on the Dyno, went through 20lbs of nitrous via a 75hp shot and 18psi. I was able to get back near where it was with the little turbo. More testing coming soon I hope.