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  • Hi all

    wow what do u know there really is a forum for everykind of car out there LOL
    im fairly new to the world of festivas
    both them and 121s are everywhere around here
    they sold really well till fiesta took over in '02
    i needed a bigger 5 door car (all mine are 2 door) and my bosses wife was selling her festiva
    she got it new in 97 and it was in pretty good nick and the engine was only 5,000kms old
    car only has low kms but it was the classic old case of her driving home oblivious till the clunking couldnt be ignored.....oil light? what oil light??....
    anyway only mods ive done so far is fitted momo ferrari style rims, alarm with central locking and remote keyless entry and a JVC MP3 deck and 10" earthquake sub in the boot
    would love to convert it to manual but alot of work not much gain

    anywayz here it is in all its ocean jade glory

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    Yay! Another Aspire! (Festiva). And, better still, a fellow Aussie!
    Welcome mate!


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      Welcome Joel_Oz !! The 121 is like our festivas here in the states.
      The Don - Midwest Festiva Inc., Missouri Chapter

      Link to my festiva pictures below
      Celebrating 25 years of festiva(s) ownership.


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        Cool! welcome to the site! 88 festiva LX w/BP G25 MR 5 speed waiting for wiring- 93 Festiva GL auto w/ air, waiting for B6t/G4A-HL - 98 Nissan Quest - 02 Mazda protege 5 wife's DD


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          Are those factory wheels or aftermarket?



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            Hi mick, good to see im not the only aussie here
            damn that ride of urs is hot
            David the rims are aftermarket
            it only had the factory 13" steelies when i got it
            i had those rims alloys sitting under the house so i chucked them on
            helps set it apart from all the others around
            im not kidding when i say theyre everywhere around here
            mine had about 6 identical twins in town b4 i changed the wheels