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4 speed automatic gearbox?

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  • 25Horseplay
    In Amearica there were only 3 speeds available. Maybe someone from overseas will know if 4 speeds were available there.

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  • pher
    started a topic 4 speed automatic gearbox?

    4 speed automatic gearbox?


    I am wondering if you know ifKia Pride is available with a 4 speed automatic gearbox? Do you know if it has been made with a 4 speed automatic? If so, witch model year did those arrive?

    I know that there where a 3 speed automatic gearbox earlier in the Kia Pride / Festiva.

    There is a guy selling his car claiming his car is a 4 speed automatic kia pride here in Sweden. But its is long from me and I am wondering if he knows what he is talking about. He doesnīt sound like it one the phone I am not interrested in only a 3 speeded gearbox.
    (Itīs a year 2000 model with airbag and immobilizer)

    Thanks and hope you can help me