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    I just got new tires on the Festiva today. I figured the racing slicks weren't going to cut it in the snow this winter. The 12" tires are getting harder to find. I called around to 5 or 6 places and only one place had them in stock. All the others would say "Oooh, those are getting tough to find. Let me make some phone calls and see if I can get some". One guy called me back and said he couldn't get them from any of his suppliers. He said I could order them off Tire Rack and he would install them though.
    The prices I got back from the others ranged from $199 - $320(mounted & balanced). You used to be able to get them for about $120 installed

    So over the last few days, I installed new tie rod ends, stabilizer bar bushings, new tires, got a front end allignment, and got all my exhaust leaks fixed. The ole' Festiva should be good to go for a long time again.

    It's amazing what new tires do for handling. It was actually getting hard to steer with my old tires.

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    I find it's way better to go to 13's.. Tire Rack has a couple 13's... I just got the Sumitomo 185/60-13's $190 delivered..... $35 to install and balance and they are MUCH superior to the tiny little 12" tires you can get...
    Have had 6 Festys... and counting...

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