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Crossed the 100K mark, yesterday!

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  • Crossed the 100K mark, yesterday!

    I am happy to announce that I have just crossed the 100 thousand-mile mark, on my '92L. While this might cause a few yawns for you veteran Festy owners, know this: The 100K is since I bought the car, in June '05!
    It already had 75K on the odo, and short of a transmission failure (bearing and synchro gear), it has been trouble-free!!!

    I can honestly say that this is the best car that I've ever owned. Oh, sure it has it's shortcomings (like heavy cross-winds, and hydroplaning, etc.), but how many cars can you pack 180+ miles-a-day onto?

    I want to thank all of you, for contributing to this wonderful and informative website!! Your tips and pointers have been very helpful.


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    Thanks! Now go for another 175K!

    93 GL modyfied!!!


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      You can fix the hydroplaning by selecting better quality tires or different wheels and tires!
      Using lowering springs can moderate buffeting in heavy cross winds, but will sacrifice ride quality!
      '93 Blue 5spd 230K(down for clutch and overall maintanence)
      '93 White B6 swap thanks to Skeeters Keeper
      '92 Aqua parts Car
      '93 Turquoise 5spd 137K
      '90 White LX Thanks to FB71

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        Congrats !!

        100K , The rings might just now be seated , It has a lot of life left
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          grats!!!! 100k is one of them awesome numbers....... tho my festivas big number was 150k and it reached it awhile ago.. :}


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            thats barely run in LOL

            there was a 96 trio on ebay here last week that had 375,000kms on the clock
            still ran but was smoky
            if mine gets to that ill be happy


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              yay! just broke it in huh?
              89 L, hopefully returning from the dead soon with a little more power...
              92 integra, daily driver, broke a clutch disc, sold
              New dd, 02 Nissan sentra, 1.8 5 spd