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    What has everyone been getting with there shoc 8v B6s? Ive been reading old posts and have seen everything from low 20s to high 40s. Maybe mention your engine condition (straight outta the j/y or rebuilt).
    I cant make up my mind. My b3 is on its last leg. I cant decide weather to rebuild a B3 or a B6 to replace it. So far i dont have any huge complaints about the old b3's acceleration. So if theres gonna be a noticeable sacrifice in mpg ill stick with the b3 and shoot for high 40s.

    But then again theres this nice b6 in the jy... yummm.. side t-body
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    30 to 36 driven hard
    Have had 6 Festys... and counting...

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      28-32 driven hard in the heavier BF 323 of mine.

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        My buddy oneeyepizzaguy got 48 on his b6 efi. 88 festiva LX w/BP G25 MR 5 speed waiting for wiring- 93 Festiva GL auto w/ air, waiting for B6t/G4A-HL - 98 Nissan Quest - 02 Mazda protege 5 wife's DD


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          I was pulling in 35-40 MPG in my B6... My built BP still gets 31, and that's being beat all the time.
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            Completely rebuilt B6... I'm averaging 35 around town, driving it hard sometimes. Got up to 40 on the highway, sing as i was getting 45-50 in my B3 i expected to get better, but i can't figure out what else to do to improve it.

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              Mine's an ATX and was from a '94 323, with around 82K miles. I hava a TB off a '91 Protege (5mm larger diameter) and a 2" exhaust system with the stock 323 exhaust manifold and Magnaflow converter and muffler. I have Aspire suspension and brakes with Aspire alloys and 165/70-13s. My three speed ATX appears to be original (218K miles).

              I tend to drive it moderately hard. So I get around 25 to 27 mpg average. Long trip freeway driving at around 65 and a little over gets me 37 mpg.

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