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Happy Fest i vas!!

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  • Happy Fest i vas!!

    ok it is time to air out are grieavences j/k happy holidays to all and if santa is reading this here is my x mas list

    2 AUTOMATICA!!! aspire hubs
    honda coil overs
    procar methanol injection kit
    procar boost controler
    mega squirt
    konig quiz rims
    cams, weber?
    i need new valves springs and retainers ill get back to you on part #'s

    that will do for now i have been really really good this year so i deserve it all you fat B*stard oops

    happy holidays

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    Time for feats of strength?
    Axlander9289, brother of ThisVelologist

    Festivas past:
    Aqua '92 Festiva L - Sold "Dale"
    White '89 Festiva L Plus - RIP "Dudley"
    White '93 Festiva GL - Sold to thisvelologist "Frito"
    Red '91 Festiva L - Sold to Louieisawesome "Geraldo"

    Current Fleet:
    Aqua '93 Festiva L with Aspire brakes "Dale Jr."
    Black and White '93 Festiva GL Sport (White alloys and spoiler are long gone) "Blues-tiva"
    White '15 Ford Transit Connect


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      Did you get the aspire hubs?
      It's a good thing you don't read the stickies, you might of learned something.Poverty produces creativity


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        I did my feat of strength today. I picked up a 125cc four-wheeler and put int the back of my dad's van. Not terribly impressive, but enough for Festivus!!
        Jim DeAngelis

        kittens give Morbo gas!!

        Bright Blue 93 GL (1.6 8v, 5spd) (Hula-Baloo)
        Performance Red 94 Aspire SE (Stimpson)


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          I played 10 hours of tournament style paintball after 3 hours of sleep.

          Take it back to the back porch, join the 3 string revolution.


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            i pulled a b6 in an hr and 45mins
            89SX funtop! Fully loaded!
            RIP 90LX


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              no kemp, no hubs the guy was ass wouldnt even look me in the eye ill call you tomarow