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Ford Escort parts questions.

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  • Ford Escort parts questions.

    What type of 5-spd transmission is in a 1993 Ford Escort? And does it have a 1.8 BP engine in it - the picture shows a DOHC engine. And are the wheels 4 x 100 or 4 x 113?

    I've found a complete car for $450 and am interested in it for parts!


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    Oops! Forgot to mention that it is a Ford Escort GT, not just the run of the mill Escort.


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      The EGT has a G-series transmission with a 28 spline count
      differential but it's hydraulic instead of cable operated IIRC.
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        I think the wheels are usually 4 x 100 pattern 14", and the same hub diameter- my 95 LX wagon are at least and the alloys are a direct bolt up for both Aspire and Accent- while the car is still parked but running.

        escort wagon.jpg


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          The G Series in the Escort GT is a Hydraulic setup
          The wheels are 4x100 - It came out blurry but below is the actual specs for the Wheel Options on an Escort GT
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