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    yup i said that right. i got a free car. do i have your attention

    so i have been a member for awhile, when i first joined it was to gather info to help fix up a buddy's car.
    his car ultimately didnt survive and i havent been here in quite some time.

    well i am back and this time with a car of my own
    weirdly enough two festys popped up on my facebook feed one day last week right as some women from work wanted me to keep an i out for a cheap car for them.
    now one was an electric conversion cool to play with but not a DD. so i went and took a look at the other. i reported my findings and the people who wanted me to shop for them, all of a sudden didnt have the money. so i had to tell the seller that my buyers flaked. but the seller kept lowering the price. to finally admitting that she had to get rid of it but didnt want to junk it. since i was the only one to show interest that if i wanted i could just come get it title and all. so i did.

    now the car sits at a friends house waiting for me to start working on it. and boy do i got my work cut out for me.

    i am going over there tomorrow to make a full assessment of it. so i will take pics then.

    more on this to come

    ps. anybody in the sanford/orlando FL area want to do a beer and repair day
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    no festiva yet, I have to finish my mustang first, just a ford fanatic.

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    I am just south of Jacksonville FL about 2 hours away. I don't have much free time to come help but I do have extra parts and a decent knowledge of these cars if you need anything. Maybe once I get a proper exhaust on my main car I will make a trip down to check it out.

    Are you part of the Facebook Group yet? It is a lot easier to chat using the messenger or text. You can hit me up at (904)239-0851 if you have any questions
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      cool thanks will do
      no festiva yet, I have to finish my mustang first, just a ford fanatic.