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    I have a 99 Festiva 5 door hatch, she has spark, and the fuel pump is pumping the fuel up to the rail. She has plenty of spark, but the fuel does not seem to be getting past the fuel rail to the injectors. I can put fuel straight into the throttle body and she fires. Is there something I am missing, and help would be much appreciated.
    Regards Mick

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    Try posting in the repair help forum.
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      Check to make sure that the fuel lines are not backward. I have had one car that the injectors gunked up from sitting for so long and I had to take the injectors out and tap the injector needles against my vice to get them to break loose then cleaned them with carb cleaner. There is also the option that your injectors are not getting a pulse signal which can be checked with a Multimeter and a friend.
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