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  • New member from the Midwest

    Hi all. Adam here, I live around St Louis Missouri.
    I love rally and small cars. Sadly in the US we have few good options. Since i commute 65 miles one way to work I have been looking for a 49+mog daily / toy. As Ford lover I have been looking at Fords primarily. I considered a Fiesta but don't like the way they look unless they are an ST which is out of my DD budget.

    I can get 31mpg from my focus St but I don't want to put the miles on it, and it's very difficult to stay out of 23 psi of boost becuase weeee.

    Just wanted to say hi as I lurk and read up.

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    Hi, Welcome
    "The White Turd" 1993 Festiva 144k miles. (Winner of FOTM November 2016)
    "The Rusty Banana" 1990 Yellow 5 Speed Mud Festiva (Lifted with 27" BKT Tractor Tires)(Winner of "Best Beater Award" - Madness 12 - 201

    "Papa Smurf" 1992 Blue 5 Speed Shell
    "Cracker?" (name pending) 1992 White Auto Shell (Future BP Swap)
    "Green Car..." Scrap Car that Runs?!?
    "Red Car..." Complete Scrap Car

    "El Flama Blanca" 1993 Festiva 104k miles. (Lil Brothers Car)


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      Welcome! there is at least one person on here that uses a festiva for rally racing. Are you into participating in rally racing or you like watching? I dont think its quite as common with festivas as ice racing or track racing


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        Welcome to the forum I'm 73 miles from St Louis if you wanna drive a festive to see what it's like let me know I'm always up to meet new festiva people.


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          Welcome,to the small car nerve center of the planet!
          Don't buy a Focus or Fiesta until you have listened to this. .
          Dollar for dollar it's easier + a lot more fun to modify a Festiva to increase your gas mileage.


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            Welcome! I've been lurking for a few short months, and asked a couple questions, this is one of the best online automotive communities that I've seen. Lots of interesting, resourceful people around here who will help you out in a heartbeat. I live the the Columbia, MO area with a '91 Festiva if you ever get the urge to drive one before you really start to look for one. Though I think William might be a better option for you, he certainly knows more than I, and might be a bit closer as well I've driven a decent variety of cars, but when asked what the funnest car I've ever driven is, I always point at my white turd. Lots of raised eyebrows, but when you drive one, you'll soon find out why they're so fun. I've got a 5-speed, and would recommend you do the same, it's such a blast to drive.

            I've been wanting to get into rally with mine as well, if the stars align I'll be starting work on that pretty soon. Keep an eye on minimum weight/engine displacement restrictions! I've been down to spectate the 100AW a few times, it's a great thing they have going on down there. I assume you were referring to stage rally?

            I've gone on long enough. Best of luck, and welcome to the best (and weirdest!) community for cars.