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Free B3 and trans in Portland-Metro

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  • Free B3 and trans in Portland-Metro

    **Apologies if I missed the appropriate spot to post this, the search didn't yield obvious results.**

    I'm in the process of a power-train conversion and find myself with a B3 but no home for it. If someone on this forum is looking for a solid builder or parts source, I have it. Block has 173k on it and starts every time. There is a need to replace the valve cover gaskets, but that is a super easy task. The transmission (5 speed) needs synchros for 1-2 and 3-4. I have a spare 5-speed transmission that goes with the setup that should have good synchros, but a bad case. Put them together and you have an operational trans.

    You can have all peripherals except what's on the car, the A/C pump, and the motor mounts.

    Again, this is free to anyone that wants to come to grab it. It's even on the crane right now, ready to load up! I live in Wilsonville, OR. Send me a PM here or and I will get your squared away. Otherwise, it goes to scrap.

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    I have pictures, but the server is not allowing them to be saved. If you need them -> ask.


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