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    last night I agreed to buy a co-workers Festiva's, it will be a week or so before I get, but I am a total newbie, I jumped in with both feet, he has driven them for over a decade &grown tired of, & just got a couple "nicer" vehicles & offered me his 2 he drives & a parts car for a price I couldnt say no to. $1,000 for all 3, and 2 are daily drivers, 1 has well over 400k miles, but he drives it at least once a week, his other he drives every day, the body a little nicer and doesnt use oil, the high mileage does use a little oil, then a parts car that has a good running engine.

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    You got everything you need. How many miles on the everyday car? What year are all three? Would be nice if all are 90 to 93 manual trans.


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      Originally posted by Studebaker View Post
      You got everything you need. How many miles on the everyday car? What year are all three? Would be nice if all are 90 to 93 manual trans.
      all are 91-93, the lower mileage and 1 parts car are 5 speed, unsure current mileage, I forgot to ask, I wont work with him again until Tuesday night, high mileage is automatic, looks like I wont be getting this week, front wheel bearing started making noise & he ordered a new one & it wont be in until Thursday / Friday, and he wot have time to install until next weekend, the automatic has an Aspire trans, but torque converter seal is leaking, so I will have to fix soon, but it was driven on a newspaper delivery route for quite a few years 6 days a week, close to 200 miles a day, paper now only delivered once a week, so thats why so many miles. he also has a second parts car, but its been gutted over years, interior parts, suspension, nothing left but body panels. the other parts car has a decent running engine & 5 speed, with nearly new clutch assembly. he tells me the engine in high mileage isnt original to it, & he rebuilt it,a few years ago, but used th cheapest rebuild kit he could buy & assumes the cheap rings are worn, so it does burn a little oil, a quart every 1200 miles or so, & the parts car engine is actually a little better at preset,

      we have discussed his vehicles for nearly a decade, so I sorta know them, I know problems he had over the years, but his wife hates this & refuses to ride in it due to size, so it has been only him using for work travels, & his new to him Cobalt will be his daily, his wife likes & its more comfortable. lol, plus heat works better.

      I have a "beater" that gets low 30mpg, but its automatic, & I want a 5 speed to drive, my wife cant drive a 5 speed & figure the automatic will be good for her to have as a backup car, & something we can leave at our second house for a spare there in case we need while there. or if I ride my Harley there, & next day its storming, I will have dry transportation to work, without calling my wife to come & get me. I took a vacation last year & it rained almost every day & I was there with my Harley & no other transportation & got soaked several days in a row, but didnt want to drive 90 mile round trip to get my car or truck


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        Always good to see some new owners. you are on a great forum and source.
        I hate being Bi-Polar, it's awesome.


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          well it took a bit longer to get than I expected, due to work schedules & weather, but I got the 2 driving ones yesterday. will get the 2 parts cars in next few weeks to a month or so.

          the high mileage one he had owned right at 15 years & has 455,XXX miles, its automatic, & not seeing much I need to do other than a simple reverse light, & the torque converter seal. he just put in new wheel bearing a few days ago.

          the 5 speed has 275,XXX miles, & he had it just under 10 years, I was thinking longer, but time flies. it has a few issues, & know it needs a tuneup before I try to drive, has a skip & clears up when rev or driving. not happy with headlights, as they went out, he replaced switch, & they still didnt work, & he has a button on the dash to cut them on & off. otherwise a few small issues. but for $1,050 for 2 driving cars & 2 parts cars, I dont think I did bad?