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2020 Toyota Yaris Hatchback, is it a modern day Festiva?

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  • 2020 Toyota Yaris Hatchback, is it a modern day Festiva?

    While this version of the Mazda 2 is not new, it's hatchback variant is new to the United States, though they have been sold as the Mazda 2 in Puerto Rico. Wouldn't this be the third Mazda rebadged hatchback in the United States after the Festiva and Aspire? I think this is going to be a great car. What are people's options on this? I would totally get one that matches my 1988 Festiva LX in Crimson Red Metallic and Medium Gray cloth. The equivalent would be a 2020 Toyota Yaris XLE in Pulse Red with Gray Leatherette.
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    this is a good topic as festivas are getting harder to find or parts to repair or just scary to drive daily amongst inattentive suv/cuv traffic. what newer cars are a good substitute offering similar economy, size, ease of repair, fun to drive and availability at a nominal cost but with much improved safety? my nomination is a 2007-2011 hyundai accent hatchback. i didn't realize how close these were to a festiva until i bought one to quickly replace a totaled escort ZX2 i used daily for work. even though these accents can be found plushed out with every option except in- dash infotainment mine is a true stripper. no power anything except PS and PB. no AC, disc/drum brake, no ABS, radio delete, no rear wiper, 5 spd MT, 14" wheels. about the only upgrade over a festiva L is a standard fuel door release. standard too are about 6 airbags and probably better crumple zones and rust resistance. and this is a very light car without any of the accessories. i took out the very heavy back seat and noticed improved acceleration. these have a 110HP 1.6L DOHC motor and with the MT is almost as fast as my ZX2 was and probably as fast or more as a festy with a 1.6 NA transplant. definitely fun pulls in 2nd & 3rd hard accelerations. but just say NO to the AT in these cars. a buzzkill like in the festiva. i haven't looked into engine mods. probably not much if anything available but there is a lot of room for a small low pressure turbocharger if i wanted to get inventive.
    these are starting to clog up Junkyards being disposable economy cars like the festiva was so if it is your bag, a lot of plug and play improvements and upgrades could be scavenged cheap. earlier (2007) cars even had the option of heated mirrors and early SE trims had rear discs.
    speaking of the SE trim, these were pretty good handlers. heavier springs, sway bar, bushings, shocks, and 16" alloys. they also usually had a lot of extras like sunroof, PW, PL, AC, fogs, etc so a little more weight to make change direction. right now my side project is to get the SE under bits , still available new, aftermarket, or JY and installed on the lightweight stripper. with better than factory rubber i can imagine that this would be a decent sleeper in the direction changing department since even on the 14s and base suspension it is entertaining on the curves.
    lastly, these are probably going to be, for me anyway, the last easy to work on cars (twist beam suspension) that don't require dealer-only diagnostic tools to repair