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Random upgrades to my Festy; an ongoing tale

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  • Random upgrades to my Festy; an ongoing tale

    So, I bought my Festiva new off the lot in 1992 (a 1993 model year), and it has been in my family ever since. Only 80,000 miles.
    It has returned to my personal ownership, and I am making some modifications to it just for kicks.

    I've added a bluetooth stereo, a pair of speakers installed in the doors, and am working on a more advanced speaker system with some 12" woofers and nice quality mid-range and tweeters. An amp will be added shortly.

    I have a custom license plate of "DOGDAD" as I have 3 doggos, and so I've removed the rear seat and am in the process of removing the rear plastics and replacing them and the floor with those pads that they use for exercise/gym floors for padding and easier cleanup and repair. My three boys can get pretty destructive when they put their minds to it... Next will come a cargo net separating the rear from the front seats so I can actually drive without three dogs battling to sit in my lap.

    Throw in some seat covers and an automatic-seatbelt delete (replaced with "normal" 3-point seatbelts), some nice 15" wheels off of an older Nissan 240sx with Toyo Proxes, a little paint touchup, a deep-clean of the interior, and maybe a nice window tint and I'll be set.

    Also, for future reference, the seatbelt mounting points (all three) use 7/16th, FINE thread pitch thread (aka "20") bolts. I did not find these bolts at AutoZone, Advance Auto, or Home Depot, but did finally find them at Lowes for a paltry 80 cents per pair (in the "specialty" section of the bolts and nuts aisle). If you rip out your back seat, you can score the equivalent bolts from that setup, but I stupidly misplaced mine... When I ordered the replacement seatbelts, I also stupidly forgot to order the associated female ends, but it turns out that the new belts work just fine with the stock ends.

    Slight update: when you remove the lap belt retracting mechanism, you can score two of the special bolts from each side. Derp.

    I'll throw up some pictures here when I'm done; it will be a study of black and red in the interior.

    Gosh, I love this little car! Of the 8 zillion vehicles I've owned, this one has gotten the most comments from random strangers by far (all positive).

    The ThirdMan
    1993 White Festiva L
    original owner
    80,000 miles
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    1992 White Festiva L - original owner
    1993 Green-ish Stinktiva™ L - totaled