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Famous Festiva's -- Oklahoma City Bombing

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  • Famous Festiva's -- Oklahoma City Bombing

    There is a program on TV that is the story of the Oklahoma City Bombing and in it is a picture of a mangled Red Festiva with the rear axle assembly that hit it in the fore ground from the Ryder Rental Truck that the bomb was in. From finding the axle the FBI got the VIN number of the truck and unwound the bombing from there.

    A little piece of history.....

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      Looks worse than my '88 did when I T-boned a
      Datsun 280z at 30 mph and not wearing my seat belt.
      '88 Festiva LX 5 speed, A/C, Carb, restored $$$ body paint, badly wrecked @ 200k.
      '93 Festiva L, 5 speed, Aqua, bought from the original owner,.Zero rust but very nasty otherwise. Awaits the B6T.
      '91 Festiva L, 5 speed, bought to drive while putting the B6T in the '93. now B6ME powered.