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Split back seat.

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  • Split back seat.

    How rare is a back seat that splits down the middle instead of the solid one. I can get one for 75 dollars that looks good.

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    About as rare as LXs -- it's split rear seat is standard on LX. Of course, LXs were 88/89 only, so that means carbie.

    I have 4 decent-body LXs and eventually want to upgrade them all to FI, since carbs are such a pain.

    As I recall (I'm not near an LX right now), the split isn't quite in the center.

    LXs also come standard with quick-remove front seat headrests, so you can make a fully flat floor, either whole-car, or just right-side. Great for hauling 8' lumber completely inside the car, even with a helper seated behind the driver (with the non-driver portion-only of the rear folded flat.
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      Thanks. I seen a guy have a video of how to fold the back seat flat like you said and with the front seats all way down he said a air mattress would fit.