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Been off for a long time, ever since my collection left to go to Iowa...

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  • Been off for a long time, ever since my collection left to go to Iowa...

    Are they getting harder to find? That's why I got out, too hard to find parts or parts cars in Oklahoma. Rarely see any cars for sale locally, or in the yards. Every now and then one will pop up, but need a lot of work and they want too much, someone locally has a '93 Escort LX-E Auto for sale, stopped running, thinks it needs a fuel pump. I'm betting VAF is bad, says it starts and dies. Decent car otherwise, although 4 door. White and $500.
    1963 Fairlane - future NSS drag car
    1965 Mustang Coupe - A-code car, restoring for/with my son
    1973 F100 longbed - only 22k original miles, 360/auto, disk, PS/PB dealer in dash A/C
    1996 Sonoma X-cab - son's DD
    2002 Grand Prix - daughter's DD
    2003 Sport Trac - 180k, 130k on replaced motor with new timing chains - F/S soon.
    2005 Accord - wife's DD
    2008 Mountaineer - step daughter's DD
    2015 F150 SCrew - DD

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    just junked a 91 lx-e. great car except trans. just would not go down a gear unless pedal was mashed. I think it was programmed to get to OD asap and stay in OD.


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      My dad and I got super lucky to find 2 nearly complete 88LX cars in the junkyards, mostly untouched, and there was another yard that had just sat an 88/89L, that scored me all the panels and stuff I wanted to rebuild the interior of the car I just picked up.

      But yeah - I barely ever see one driving anymore... A lot of local ones up on Facebook Marketplace. A few that would've probably been decent buys, but I've already spent too much on this one.
      Simon -