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Rear spoiler mounting.

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  • Rear spoiler mounting.

    Just bought a rear spoiler off ebay 250 plus 45 for shipping. I grabbed it because they hard to find. Haven't received it yet how do you mount it screws or do you bolt it on I see holes on the back side with rubber plugs I could use some help. Thanks.

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    originally there was a plastic insert that snapped into a drilled hole in the body. the screw that held the spoiler would thread into this insert and expand the underside of the insert to hold it tight. also there were adhesive pads on the ends of the spoiler where it contacted the body. all this was intended to keep water out of the drilled holes. you are probably left with using coarse sheet metal screws but I'd also use a bead of silicone or rubber sealant around the pad area on the spoiler before tightening it down.


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      On the Facebook group, folks there were really adamant about using a set of license plate mounts - requires you to cut/file a square hole for them, but that it was solid and a good replacement option.
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        i used riv-nuts and allen head bolts.

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