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  • cheaper than nitrous? etcetera

    I had a wild experience several years ago, mistakenly using a gallon of kerosene instead of the gallon of white gas I normally used if I chanced to run out of gas. I was real close to home, fortunately; since the little motor running on kerosene needed to have the revs kept really up and seemed like something out of a NHRA dragstrip.

    Lately this has got me wondering how some sort of reasonably metered kerosene in the normal gas flow might work, to add more power: since I do believe fuel class dragsters as well as jet airplanes both run on kerosene.

    The thing I can't reason is how kerosene seems a much less volatile fuel than gasoline, yet seems to yield far more power?

    I've gotten the notion of trying to add an auxiliary fuel cell, since I would hate to be in a very typical situation where I'd want to coast-start my Festival due a funky battery for instance, because I ran out of gas.(a prior rig for 13 years with a ten gallon tank, now has me too easily spacing out fillups) Were I to want to have a tank of kerosene to blend with my gasoline as I drove, I suppose a fuel cell would work?

    Since I'm writing now, I wonder if there is a good means of defeating the stupid mechanism which will not allow the car to be started at other than close to 50 miles an hour; really dumb on a car with a clutch, no?
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    Car won't start unless its being pulled 50 mph? I bump start my festiva all the time and its even efi.
    here's a good read on kerosene in a gas engine