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Need Sport Suspension for festiva

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  • Need Sport Suspension for festiva

    Hello I have a 93 ford festiva gt with a sagging suspension i want to turn my festiva into a rally car with a good suspension. but I don't even know where to start, i've tried looking for it online but cant find shocks and coils. can you guys help find a front and rear suspension.

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    If you go to the "custom suspesnison, brakes, wheels" forum you'll see information threads at the top of the page for standard and modified suspension.
    When the shocks were replaced on mu car in 2015 (front) and 2016 (back) I purchased KYB brand from RockAuto - part numbers KY 232022 (front), KY 340009).
    I put the fronts on myself but had to take the car to the garage for the back to cut the bolts or something with a torch. I go to a shop which charges for the actual time used and removed the rear plastic liners to save them time.

    On the topic of multiple posts, this site is slow or just negligent when responding. Whe I post or reply to a post, after pressing "post" I highlight my text and press "copy" to save it then leave the forum and come back to see if it's been posted. Most of the time it has although there was no notice of it being posted. If it hasn't been posted I can "paste" my text and try again.

    Edit: There see? I got an error 500 but it posted the above anyway. I left the forum and came back and there it was. Then I added this footnote and posted again but this time I got the 500 error and nothing was posted so I am retrying now..... for the fifth time, including logging off and back on again ....
    Original owner of silver grey carburetted 1989 Festiva. 105k km as of June 2006. 140k km as of June 2021.