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b3 engine rebuild kit

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  • b3 engine rebuild kit

    just wondering if anyone's done a rebuild recently and what kit they would recommend. also wondering on a cam shaft upgrade,

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    I wouldn't put money into the B3 engine. There are alternatives that are pretty much plug and play if you possess the necessary skills. B6, b6me, are just two of your choices. A fee years back I bought a '91 Festy in need of an engine and I ended up going with a b6me out of a '95 Kia. The swap was relatively easy and the added performance was welcome. You will find write ups on other alternatives to the B3 here on this forum.
    Good Luck!
    '88 Festiva LX 5 speed, A/C, Carb, restored $$$ body paint, badly wrecked @ 200k.
    '93 Festiva L, 5 speed, Aqua, bought from the original owner,.Zero rust but very nasty otherwise. Awaits the B6T.
    '91 Festiva L, 5 speed, bought to drive while putting the B6T in the '93. now B6ME powered.


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      i have 4 b3 motors so just being cheap lol