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The dreaded smell

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  • The dreaded smell

    While driving to work last week, I smelled it. Just as the truck began to warm up...antifreeze. I hate that smell. It means work on slimy antifreeze coated parts. It means replacing some pain in the neck, hard get to part that no matter how hard I try I can't get the gasket to line back up the first three tries so I have sticky rtv on top of everything including the slimy antifreeze which is now coating my fingers and reducing the temperature of my hands quickly since it's like 10 above outside and now the end of the heater hose has deteriated and fell apart but I don't have enough extra length to be able to shorten it and NAPA just closed so it all has to wait until tomorrow.

    pauses for breath.
    pops the hood.

    Oh, it's just a couple of loose hose clamps. Tightened 'em up. Solved the problem.

    Like I was saying, nothing to it.

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    That was an entertaining post.
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      It all smelled like "HEATER CORE"...til' the end.Nice one.!


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        I was thinking heater core also. Boy was I relieved when it wasn't.


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          Hahaha.... most entertaining post all week...
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            That was great!

            We've all been there...
            Famous Last Words: "How hard can it be?"


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              Glad you guys enjoyed it.