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    Since probably all of us buy/sell stuff on ebay. We should post our Ebay names here so we arent asking the same person in both places for parts we may need(happened to me with freshtiva) go to this thread ... and I will update this one. PLEASE DO NOT POST IT HERE.

    MONSOON = monssoen
    FB71 = Powerstroke1971
    Nerd Racing = nerd189
    25Horseplay = 25Horseplay
    nonamekid = nonamekid1
    roll4me = virtual_banawe_ph
    phantorn = souperdavethomas
    carbonvmax = thepleased
    maxtiva = pimptiva
    packrat427 = packrat427
    smcawc = SMCAWC
    levitan = BigPapaRhino
    warlocke = dragonlord911
    cwater02 = clearwater250
    GenevaDirt = genevadirt
    SimonTuffGuy = SimonTuffGuy
    Damkid = dam_kid
    scottxd45 = scott77250
    Biglay5150 = Biglay5150
    Festiva_tunner = Festiva_tunner
    fastivaca = red92glsport
    gottafesty = needarealname
    muscle_Car1 = muscle_Car1
    lessersivad = lessersivad
    juryrigger007 = Juryrigger007
    qaking = !festiva1!
    quaddawg = Quaddawg
    masterpxhfhx1 = sijecic1
    elcamino1 = wcsj53
    festivaWES = festiva81
    ejp2fast = ejp2fast
    freshtiva = marcus9465
    fordfest78 = GR-Concepts
    KingFish = Festivamadness
    Tim = tim87529
    Gomez = gomez128
    trucktiva = trucktiva
    festyxfi = 50mpg2freedom
    FestYboy = Fieroman87
    htchbck = rcpro_am
    Glease = Glease3333
    Burnrate = Burnrate50
    Dave G = cowtown_dave
    rerhard = gts_man
    Puna_trav = sound_boy_311
    hawkdoc60 = hawkdoc60
    getnpsi = canikissyouhello
    V8Festiva = thesignwagon
    Sparky = 770sparky
    benms79 = benms79
    batstiva = psyche_ward
    gotrootdude = liquor4u3
    hoggius = hoggius
    Seth = Fesstiva
    Epixstar = Epixstar
    CHills = DefaultLambert
    LauraZ = 9907laura
    Justin = truckmods, Ebay Store = TruckMods
    Ogrestiva = dmikos84
    tb8983 = tb8983
    REDNECK1 = Ejunk11, and ejunk12
    spiko = spiko87
    wcbarker = wcbarker
    91blufestiva= craigerbegger
    hotfordcat = hotmoparcat
    skimsucka = skimsucka
    Slyder = 123Slyder.
    milehighbear = milehighbear3
    festivafan = Elrond987
    blindcornbread = blindcornbread
    Ogrekhan = Ogrekhan
    GothGuyDante= gothguy69er666
    renr002 = renr1271
    Festiva Chick = furry_kittie
    drddan = drddan
    fillmorr = joshua4192009
    Schildir = Schildir
    DriverOne = dusjabugquest
    twiztid killa = leather_frog
    darrenryall = darrenryall1

    I ,nor anyone associated with am/are in NO WAY suggesting that we NOT bid against one another! But if we know whos who this would allow us to talk to one another VIA PM and see what the intentions of fellow members/buyers are(backup to a backup or replacing or adding what we dont have to our cars) And if we could comunicate with one another what our intentions are. Then as individuals we can decide if we are going to step aside so a fellow member may get it or let them know,it is an Auction and may the deepest pockets win! But again IMO any discussions about it should be done VIA PM! I guarantee there isnt a Mod/Admin that would disagree with me in that respect.
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    91L 5 sp, 175k,a/c ,KYB gr2,Fms Lowering springs ,13" konig's ,09 tiburon seats, 7" Pyle in.dash,kicker ds400 all around,Kicker 400.2 powering 2 Kicker cvr 10", 30k hid's, hopeful to find a xr2 to swap b6t from....

    2010 mazdaspeed3 stock... for now


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      sharkyjonesavl = sharkstiva
      Fesdiva is it's new name since she's acting crazy- 92 L


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        Bump for cool idea bro
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          jmdjamp= jmdjamp


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            My ebay name is iriegnome


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              n5554t is doc-icvmc on ebay


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                I have changed my name. Gomez=torrez2 was gomez128


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                    texas75563 - worm storie on ebay