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  • ? about froggy style

    is there a real name for the style when you put negative offset wheels on your car and they stick way out past your fenders??

    there are a few cars around my city that are like this. I think it looks neat.
    wonder if you would skid around corners alot. could be fun!
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    I don't think there is a name

    I dont think there is a name, but I know there are dumb people that do that around here, the just flip there wheels so they are mounted backwards on the hub, real dangerous, but who said they were smart



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      We usually call it "illegal" around here. Your tires aren't allowed to stick out more than X" from the fenders. I think it's an inch or two, but I'm not 100% sure.
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        They usually just use wheel spacers when the aren't needed around here (Houston).. and on a Festiva, I bet the bearings will go in no time....


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          sounds mexican to me...

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            Originally posted by hellraiser6919
            sounds mexican to me...
            Ahem... please refrain from making racial comments..


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              I've always called 'em "Hotwheels" cars.

              I wonder how long some people keep their wheel bearings with those things like that.

              While it would seem smart to increase one's track for better handling, there are other things which are changed with the mod. More unsprung weight is put out farther from the suspension components, making them work harder and less efficiently. If the tires stick out beyond the fenders into the slipstream, they add to the frontal area of the car, increasing drag. There is the bearing issue. There may be more issues.

              Everything is a compromise, but the best compromises are usually in the area of "moderation."

              After I did the Mutt's suspension swap I installed 13 X 5.5" VW alloy wheels with 38mm offset. Due to the extra width of the wheels and the change in offset, they do stick out farther, just enough to match the fender edges. It looks pretty good to me.

              If they stuck out it wouldn't look good to me!

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                i had a subaru once that i flipped the wheels on and it workjed pretty good off road untill i bent all 4 rims on a single jump.


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                  I'm not just talking about flippin you wheels around. I'm talkinabout like 13" dayton 100 spokes on a negative offset that stick out like 4" - 6" from the car. The cars I see them on are lowered and appear to almost sit in between the tires. I think it looks really neat. I wonder how much life you get from your wheel bearings like this? I might run like this when I drive around in the city and switch up to one of my other sets if tires when I rally. Here in Alberta we can pritty much get away with anything when it comes to mods. you can run with no hood, doors. fenders, bumpers. what ever you want.
                  Jspec B6t, Starion Conquest intercooler, Greddy Type S bov. Go Fast Bits Mach 1 bov. Spec Stage 4 clutch. SDS engine management.


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                    I don't know about the wheel bearing, but i know that it puts havoc on your CV joints. You are actually putting the CV joints out of the alignment and this can cause it to fail faster than normal.
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                      wheels shouldn't have any effect on cv joints, as they don't effect the actual suspension position... even with the wheels with a crazy negative offset, the spindle and hub are still in the same position relative to the transmission... its changing this angle, through lowering or lifting the ride height, that puts stress on the trans. What the negative offset WILL do is put a buttload of stress on the wheel bearings. The hot thing with vw showcars lately is pulling out the rear wheel arches and having wheels wide enough where they stick out about an inch... if you do it right, it does look pretty cool, but 4-6" is just ridiculous and stupid. Not to mention illegal, unsafe, unreliable.... See where i'm going here?