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Question about Seafoam treatment

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  • Question about Seafoam treatment

    What's the best way of doing one? Through a vacuum line? Piston soak? Both? How much do I use per treatment? I was thinking of buying a can and splitting it with my brother so he can do a treatment on his 266000 mile 93 Civic. I see a lot of places recommend doing the treatment through a vacuum line, such as the one off the brake booster. I wanna see lots of smoke when I do the treatment! I'll take pics too.

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    Use the brake booster , seemed to work a little better than pcv hose, make sure it is fully warmed up. Use no more than a 1/4 can, and sure you have someone to kill the engine once all of that is sucked up. Let it set 15-30 min. When you start it you make have to give her a little gas. Drive it a few miles and give her hell. If you drive it as soon as you start it the neighbors will love you. You can also put it in the crankcase 30 miles before oil change, I do it everytime and all the vehicles I take care of are fairly clean. If you want a fuel injector cleaner, seafoam I thought hurt worse than anything, techron is much better. If I was you i'd do the seafoam through brake booster twice.
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      OK, this may be a stupid question but oh well...
      what exactly are the benefits to using the seafoam? i kno if you have gummed rings or something it helps clean it up, but for a car thats running fine but has a lot of miles will it help anything?

      j/w... thanx

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        I figure I've got some carbon buildup on my pistons and possibly my intake valves so I want to run some Seafoam to clean them up. The Seafoam website says to use 1/3 to 1/2 pint, how much should I use? I really want to fog my car good! Should I put any in my oil? Darkdan, help!


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          Did the Seafoam thing today

          I split the can 50/50 with my brother. I poured half the can into a wide, shallow glass, pulled the PCV valve out and let it suck it up. I did it in small bits, I was concerned that if I let it suck up too much at once that I could do some damage. A few times when I let it take too big a gulp I heard a heavy knock coming from the engine. I finished up then let the car sit for about 30 minutes. My brother was doing his Civic at the same time I was doing the Aspire. His CEL came on halfway through the treatment which I hear happens to almost every Honda vehicle when they're getting Seafoamed. Came back out after letting the car sit and started it up. It started right up with no struggle and the idle was smooth. I revved it a few times then the clouds started to roll! I let it idle for about a minute then shut it back off. Started it back up and took it out to the road. I was a bit disappointed, I was expecting to not be able to see out my rear window. By the time I got out to the road, there was only a faint trail of smoke coming from my tailpipe. 2 miles up the road, and the smoke was gone. I turned around and came back home. I noticed I had about an ounce left in the can so I ran that through the car too. This time I only let it sit 5 minutes. I started it up and it seemed like there was as much smoke this time as there was the first time. I put the car in gear and headed out to the road. The smoke was rolling from the car, but only for the first 1/4 mile or so, then it was just a faint trail again. By the time I got to the road, the smoke was gone, so I just turned around before I got on to the road and came home again. I didn't get a chance to go out on the highway to see if there's any noticeable difference in the car. After I brought it home the second time, I went about changing my oil, readjusting my rear wheel bearing ( I didn't have it tight enough) and putting the plastic trunk panels back in place (I lost all the screws of course). I did manage to get a few pics of the smoking cars, but I only got 1 of the Aspire.