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I'm baaack! :D

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  • I'm baaack! :D

    hey guys! i was formerly known around here as festivakid88, but have been gone all summer. I wouldn't mind reverting to my original self, but i lost my password and my e-mail account i had when i created festivakid88 was terminated... so i'm back as a new beeing :P if you know how i can get back in w/ my old user name plz PM me tho.

    So where have i been all summer?? well, i started otu with two week long 'schools' in Cadet Leadership and Flying, and then a month ago (almost exactly) we moved from Eastern PA to central VA! I like our new location, although i'm not sure Skeeter exactly enjoys our new drivway.. a rutted dirt/gravel perty steep hill. It goes up allright tho

    since we moved down here i've been buzy getting adjusted to the area and our new house, and buzy getting used to the new school (i'm 16 and a freshman at the university my dad teaches at...) but, even so, over the past month i've been 'playing' with my car some. this was necesary stuff for the most part tho... b/c i jsut had to get it inspected this morning.
    i had to fix:
    -brakes all around, some were down to the mettal
    -muffler was no longer mechanically connected, just hanging from the 3 rubber hangers
    -no horn
    -headlight cracked
    -one licence plate light out

    sooo... i put in new pads and shoes, a 2" glass pack (cherry bomb), dual tone air horn, and put some epoxy on the headlight (the local JY wanted $40 for a headlight!! YEA RIGHT)

    i also cleaned the car up some and put some new 3 way 50W RCA home sterio speakers in the back....

    As soon as i get pics uploaded i'll put them in my cars thread i nthe picture section, along w/ some more info....

    in our journys between PA and VA (took about 7 hrs one way, think Skeeter did it 4 times round trip this summer) we put quite a few miles on Skeeter, but it served us well. got 52MPG once! and made it all of the way on one tank of gass..... now thats AWSOME!!!

    anyway, jsut wanted to letchall know i'm back around again!! glad to see our lil sub-culture is thriving

    keep 'em rollin...

    the keeper of a wonderful lil car, Skeeter.

    Current cars:
    91L "Skeeter" 170k, Aspire brakes, G15, BP, Advancedynamics coil overs, etc. My first love.
    1990 Kawasaki Ninja 250 - my gas saver, 60+mpg - 40k
    2004 MotoGuzzi Breva - my "longer range" bike - 17k

    FOTY 2008 winner!

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    Welcome Back! And Welcome to Virginia!
    '93 L (BP{T} Sold
    '90 L Plus Sold
    '94 Mercury Capri XR2 sold


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      Glad to have you back Kid!

      Give Skeeter my best.

      '93GL "Prettystiva" ticking B3 and 5 speed, backup DD; full swaps in spring!
      '91L "AquaMutt" my '91L; B6 swap/5 speed & Aspire brakes, DD/work car
      '92L "Twinstiva" 5sp, salvage titled, waiting for repairs...
      '93GL "Luxstiva," '94 B6 engine & ATX; needs overhauled
      '89L "Muttstiva," now a storage bin, future trailer project


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        Good to see ya back. I was beginning to wonder what happened to ya.
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          Good to see you back youngin'

          Project B6T stalled. Waiting for inspiration or motiviation.