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  • Help with a FF 1990

    Hi everybody, I'm new here and got a question..
    I bought a Ford Festiva Plus 1990 and i want to check the power steering fluid, but I'm blind or to dumb but I can't find the dipstick to check this.
    Someone can give me a light where it's located. TIA.

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    so pretty much you should have none unless you have a very rare car which someone decided to get that option. If there was a power steering system installed there should be a reservoir on the right hand side of the engine bay it should have a min and max mark on it and you should be able to see right through it.
    the blue b6-ze oh yeah!!


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      I've never seen a Festiva with power steering. Some did come with that option, though.

      Luis, what makes you think you have power steering?

      If you're sure, open the hood and look to your left side of the engine bay near the front. That's where I saw the power steering pump on the Mazda 323 engine I bought. The pump is run by an engine belt. Yeah, there's the possibility the Festiva's is in the rear of the bay but I doubt it.

      Again, are you sure you have it?

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        Just out of curiosity, if you determine that your stiva does have power steering, how loose is the steering? Mine doesn't have it, and the steering is still much easier than my van or my Taurus wagon (both of which have PS). I would think it would be hard to keep a stiva with power steering on the road, just because of how small and light the car is...
        No festiva for me ATM...