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demensions of festiva?

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  • demensions of festiva?

    well I'm looking at buying a festiva and am wondering the dimensions of it (length, width, ground clearance, height, wheelbase, etc)

    I'm wondering the differences compared to the Pontiac firefly and Chevrolet sprint. (don't hate me, lol) I'm just wanting to get a small car to drive around town, and have it as small as i can.
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    Im not sure of the external numbers but its hard to find a small car with the interior room that the Festiva gives. I sit confortable in my Festiva but I geo kills me.
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      im around 6'0 im fine inside the car but i feel sorry for the poor people in my back seat
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        From my '93 Ford pamphlet...

        Length: 140.5"

        Width: 63.2"

        Height: 55.3"

        Front tread: 55.1"

        Rear tread: 54.5"

        Cargo volume: 26.5 cubic ft. seat down (11.7 cubic ft. seat up)

        Wheelbase: 90.2"

        Practically speaking, Festivas are about 6 feet wide. Got a six feet wide doorway? Fold the mirror(s) in and you should be able to get it through.

        The ground clearance is not listed, but since many Festivas are getting up in mileage and springs will sag, that's best measured yourself anyway.

        Curb weight is usually listed around 1700 to 1750 pounds. Automatic and air add weight as well.

        Oh, and according to my U.K. Mazda pamphlet for the '88 or '89 121, the top speed is 93 mph for the Suntop (large fabric sunroof) and 99 mph for the LX. Keep in mind both were carbed 1.3s but listed as having 65 hp at 5600 rpm. Both can use leaded fuel so I suppose neither one had a cat.

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          they are small... roughly 11' long and 5' wide and 4'6" tall. Easily fits on a 12' utility trailer (only towed it like that once though, and that was only three miles). I've parked mine in the cart return at walmart before due to lack of other parking space. Here is a picture of my car with another larger vehicle for size comparison.
          No festiva for me ATM...