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    Originally posted by Pu241 View Post
    Got to save this quote!
    My wife will never believe there someone cheaper than me out there!

    Hell 200 or less for me....i won't pay more....not a penny!
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      Welcome to the site! Lots of great guys here that are always willing to answer questions. Just remember the "Search" button 3rd in from the right is your best freind. If you have a question chances are its been asked before, sometimes multiple times.
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        Originally posted by ejp2fast View Post
        what about "Home of the $100 Festiva" under my username? what'd ya'll say?

        93 GL modyfied!!!


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          My last one was $150. My cheapest was free. For a non runner I haven't paid more than $150. Still because of the low miles I'd go get that $500 festy with overheating issues. Just tell the guy that due to the overheating you wouldn't be able to trust the motor. THen offer him $200. Negotiate from there. I'd probably be willing to go as high as $500 for that one due to the miles assuming the body is straight and rust free. Good luck. Welcome to the site! They are super easy to work on too.
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            Someone beat me to it....

            I'm going to look at another one tomorrow. Don't know much about it yet. Saw it parked outside the house of a nieghbor with no tags, so I though I'd call and ask. They say they want $500 for it as well. The only thing I know about it is it's an automatic. I was kind of hoping to find a manual trans, but if it's in good shape I'll probably pick it up.



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              welcome to the site mike.

              i payed $50 for my daily driver 91 gl 5 speed car than needed a new master cylinder.
              i would have payed up to 700 for it.
              the 5peed cars get better milage and are lots more fun to drive in my opinon.
              keep an eye out for heavy rust around the rear wheel (could be a sign of something much worse) if you check out are for sale wanted area you might find something in your area.
              also check craigslist there seems to be a lot on there.

              good luck and enjoy!!
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