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New to the board and festy ownership

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  • New to the board and festy ownership

    Ok, friends call be Irish. just bought my festy for 300 and pick it up tomorrow. I will be driving it home. has some damage to ds fender and door but gonna fix it immediately. gonna start modding the body and interior then go to engine swap this summer when i can ride my chopper. married with 2 kids and in to god, motorcycles and now festys

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    Congrats on your new purchase! Be sure to take lots of pictures and keep us updated with your mods.

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      Welcome, my son!
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        Welcome to the forum, you will find a lot of good people on here and a lot also.

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          WELCOME !!!!! :wave:
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            Welcome, Lets Ride!!!

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              1973 Cb750 haven't touched it yet with no idea what I am planning on doing with it
              1978 25th Anniversary edition Corvette
              1983 Chevy Elcamino
              1993 Ford Festiva GL
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                If you need parts tonyacsh is the guy to talk to in Ohio. Just dont buy the parts I am going there for first welcome to the madness
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                  Originally posted by on the M203 w/ M433 HEDP
                  So, for about the same price as a fully-loaded 1993 Ford Festiva, you could also wield the power to obliterate a small village in the blink of an eye.


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                    oops!! I mean tonycash lol!
                    Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.


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                      Welcome Welcome! Get some pics of the festy... and the bikes!
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                        welcome. the awsomeness begins now.

                        Jesus loves me. This I know.

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                          Originally posted by irishbobby View Post
                          married with 2 kids and in to god, motorcycles and now festys
                          That's exactly me! Welcome!
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                            Welcome and don't forget take a lot of pics

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                              Welcome, and remember! You can always TOW your bikes with your Festy! I found that out from V8Festiva!
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