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as if my progress wasnt slow enough

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  • as if my progress wasnt slow enough

    so i rent an extra garage for storage well the stiva has been sitting in there for a while because ive been to lazy to get the damn thing painted all i have to do is give it to buddy of mine to do it. well i go to check on it i open the door to see my front window is smashed and there are some dents on the driver side a pillar. well i find out from the people that live in the upper apartment that a kid downstairs was in there
    i hate scumbags who cant keep their hands off other peoples crap

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    Someone should recieve a bill for that......Bummer
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      the kid is buried now....right?
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        Originally posted by eurotiva View Post
        Someone should recieve a bill for that......Bummer

        Originally posted by GenevaDirt View Post
        the kid is buried now....right?

        and X2 lol


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          Dent the punk.
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            It's not nice to fool with Mother Festiva!!!
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              Originally posted by freshtiva View Post
              Dent the punk.
              And that would be being nice about it too

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