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stock rear bumper cover

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  • stock rear bumper cover

    Not sure where to put this. I found a new rear bumper cover for five dollars! Its at they have cheap festiva parts. I did not buy it, so it should still be there. can anyone tell me how to post a link?
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    Copy the long web address at the top of the page you want to link to. Go here.

    The paste in the long address to make a short link. Then copy that.

    Here is the bumper.

    That a nice find. I bet shipping is the catch.
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      ground shipping to 27615 $64.52.
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        I will try to get all my Aspire brake part from them. They are very cheap compare to where I live.

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          Hey, thanks fer teachin me how to paste a link! will use that in the future
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            Shipping isnt too bad really. Ground is the only option and its $65.00 to ship here.
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              might have to grab one myself!
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