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i was just looking at this look:

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  • i was just looking at this look:

    JDM Mazda BP Turbo 1.8L Engine // BPT GTX 323 Protege

    in ebay. the whole motor jdm bp-t in ebay do u think is cheap or not? $1,200 imma have that much money in three weeks so that's why i am asking all these quetions it sounds intresting and has low mileage , or am i better off turboing my b3/\.]\\\

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    Go for the BPT you won't regret it.

    BPT, G5M-R, BP26 Exintake swap + Fidanza cam gear, NSRT4 FMIC + 2.5" piping, HKS SSQV BOV, Exedy clutch, 3" downpipe + 2" all the way back, Aspire brake swap, KYB GR-2 & FMS coil spring , FMS EURO body kit + Carbon fiber hood, Falcon RTX 15X6 + Toyo proxes T1R 195/45R15


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      i woudlnt bother buying a bpt, maybe if it comes with the computer and harness. if its just the motor you better off buying a BP and buying a manifold and turbo, you can usally find the turbo and mani for about 350, injectors a set of rx7 470 100 buxs, and a intake for 100. a stock BP has a little more compression then the bpt which equals a little more power