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CatladyKaren is online tonight

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  • CatladyKaren is online tonight

    The grill master of FMIV is on line as I type this!

    Welcome back!
    '93 Blue 5spd 230K(down for clutch and overall maintanence)
    '93 White B6 swap thanks to Skeeters Keeper
    '92 Aqua parts Car
    '93 Turquoise 5spd 137K
    '90 White LX Thanks to FB71

    "Your God of repentance will not save you.
    Your holy ghost will not save you.
    Your God plutonium will not save you.
    In fact...
    ...You will not be saved!"

    Prince of Darkness -1987

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    Hello Cat glad to see you made it back safely. Was great to have met you too.
    89L Silver EFI auto
    91GL Green Auto DD
    There ain't no rest for the wicked
    until we close our eyes for good.
    I will sleep when I die!
    I'm a little hunk of tin, nobody knows what shape I'm in. I've got four wheels and a running board, I'm not a Chevy, I'M A FORD!