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Where are my shogun threads?

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  • Where are my shogun threads?

    I take the time to take pics and post this for everyone to see in the complex swap section , now both threads are gone and one landed in the ''garage'' section. One was named ''shogun in the werks'' and one is ''shogun in the werks part 2''. And I cant find the last one.

    I just wanted to know why my stuff got messed up , I believe it belongs in the complex swap more then in the garage section.


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    I think the Complex Swaps is for "discussing" things and Garage is for builds.
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      grey vw is is a build so it goes in the garage. The other sections are for discussing problems and asking a question about things that pertain to that section.
      There were only 2 threads moved and combined. There did not need to be 2 separate threads for the same build. Nothing was lost.
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