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Possibly the best Craigslist Ad I've ever seen!

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  • Possibly the best Craigslist Ad I've ever seen!

    Check this out!
    1963 Ford F-100
    1992 Ford Festiva
    2006 Audi A4
    2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250

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    WOW Now i have seen it all
    1990 (LUCIFER 2.0) fully built BP+T with E153, Fueltech FT500, traction control with hopes of 600hp (i drank to much of the KOOL-AID)
    1990 OverKILL BP+T, evo ecu system, coilovers, aspire brakes, full advanced suspension, Garrett! The Autocross toy!
    1989 (BRITSTIVA 1.0) B6T and sold
    19?? 150$ burnout car SOLD


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      The cut out flames provide extra-manly downforce so that the Mack Trucks don't have their way with you!

      I feel so inadequate in the face of such an ad.

      '93GL "Prettystiva" ticking B3 and 5 speed, backup DD; full swaps in spring!
      '91L "AquaMutt" my '91L; B6 swap/5 speed & Aspire brakes, DD/work car
      '92L "Twinstiva" 5sp, salvage titled, waiting for repairs...
      '93GL "Luxstiva," '94 B6 engine & ATX; needs overhauled
      '89L "Muttstiva," now a storage bin, future trailer project


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        I have seen this ad before.
        The normal is not always normal... MOST is not ALL... And any job can be hard if you don't have the right tools!!!

        My Fleet:
        89 L 4spd (Daily Driver(if it isn't broke down)) "Spanky"


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          1986 Comp Prep SVO Mustang(1 of 83) Four cylinder turbo! (Think first Fox body "R" model!)
          1995 F-150 Extra Cab and it was free!
          1991 Festiva L, Surf Blue with A/C
          1995 Jeep Cherokee 2wd 5 speed 4.0 and it was free!
          1993 Aqua Festiva and it was cheap!
          1994 Brake Swap and it was cheap!
          1969 Ford F100 Big Block Ranger and it was free! (coming 2/12)


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            I like the electrolites line............

            Anyone know what movie that was from?
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            93L - 5SP, FMS springs, 323 alloys, 1st gen B6, ported head & intake, FMS cam, ported exhaust manifold w/2-1/4" head pipe.
            04 Mustang GT, 5SP, CAI, TFS plenum, 70mm TB, catted X, Pypes 304SS cat-back, Hurst Billet+ shifter, SCT/Bama tuned....4.10's & cams coming soon
            62 Galaxie 2D sedan project- 428, 3x2V, 4SP, 3.89TLOC

            1 wife, 2 kids, 9 dogs, 4 cats......
            Not enough time or money for any of them


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              Originally posted by blkfordsedan View Post
              I like the electrolites line............

              Anyone know what movie that was from?
              Idiocracy! And that movie has a Festiva in it!
              '90 LX


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                I posted about that spoiler the first time it was on CL

                The Don - Midwest Festiva Inc., Missouri Chapter

                Link to my festiva pictures below
                Celebrating 25 years of festiva(s) ownership.


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                  that dude is a salesman to the max.