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Adyson Danielle Chapman, 07/18/2011 (greyvw warning)

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  • Adyson Danielle Chapman, 07/18/2011 (greyvw warning)

    Thought I had posted this Tuesday evening but its not on here so I'll have to blame the sketchy hospital WiFi I guess.

    My little beautiful baby girl was born at 8:52PM on Monday, July 18th, 2011. She's a very healthy baby weighing in at 9 pounds and 1 ounce, 21 inches long. She's a pretty good baby and she lets us sleep for a couple hours at a time three or four times at night . I've been blessed to have two jobs that let me take off the entire week from both so I can spend a LOT of time with mommy and baby! And now, here's some pics (GreyVW you can go ahead and click the back button on your browser now )

    No festiva for me ATM...

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    I usually don't think newborns are very cute. But that is a cute baby girl! Congrats!
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      Congratulations, glad to see things are going well and yup she is a cutie.
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        Congratulations you guys!!!!!!

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          Awwwwwww! Coochie coochie cooooo!!

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            Originally posted by Charlie1717 View Post
            I usually don't think newborns are very cute. But that is a cute baby girl! Congrats!
            You're right and youre right!!! Now you have 16 years to find and restore a Festy!!!
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              ^^ already got one in my sights And it may take 16 years to restore, lol (maybe less if I can get her to help

              Originally posted by Charlie1717 View Post
              I usually don't think newborns are very cute. But that is a cute baby girl! Congrats!
              Thanks! Yeah, she almost doesn't look like a newborn, even right after she was first born, she's a day old in most of those pics.
              No festiva for me ATM...


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                Congrats Hatch !!! Is this how it happened ?

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                  thats a beautiful little baby girl! congrats!!!
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                    Originally posted by freshtiva View Post
                    Congrats Hatch !!! Is this how it happened ?

                    Pretty much, except its not the end, its just the beginning!
                    No festiva for me ATM...


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                      Congrats buddy!!!!
                      -M3NTAL MARK! Woo!!


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                        Good job daddy! And mommy too I guess....actually you had the fun part, come to think of it.
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                          A whole heap of congratulations are in order, man!! What a beaut!!
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                            Adyson Stiva Danielle Chapman. What a name! Oh wait, no Stiva. Oh well, someone will be crazy enough to do it! Congrats. When will she be road-ready? I'm sure everyone will want to see her, whether it be this year or next!

                            People are right, I do relate everything to cars... Maybe a Festiva bib is in order here...
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                              Beutiful!!! Congratulations ya'll! Is GreyVW scared of babies? They do bite, but with no teeth it don't hert, much.
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