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Festiva as ectomobile. Yes, ecto.5

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  • Festiva as ectomobile. Yes, ecto.5

    I can not post pics on this forum with my phone for some reason. But I thought I would share my festiva again. Last year I showed my festiva as a 1969 roadrunner based off a hotwheels car. I took a poll last year and pitched the ecto mobile. Well our rally is here again and the car is done.

    I have a couple pics up but will be posting pics and videos as well as check ins on the Facebook page I made for the car just for this rally. The rally is known as the dumball rally. My Facebook page is ecto pointfive. Also an email was made and it is

    I would like to share my trip with you all but it would require a friendship on facebook. I have been unable to view the page without a friendship.

    I will try to post more pics on facebook.
    Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

    Oh not that I expect a breakdown but if it dies between portland to Vegas and back I will abandon the car. I will offer the car for cheap. Practically free. Possibly in exchange for a trip to a car rental or airport.

    Mark and ecto.5

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    Theres a pic for you... Thats pretty good...

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      If you break down between woodburn, Or. and eugene, Or. give me a yell.
      I'll pm you my number just in case.
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        ... who 'ya gonna call?
        Trees aren't kind to me...

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          My wife was saying I should rent a Ferrari while in Vegas. I said why? I get more attention in this! It's a riot to drive.


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            I wanted to turn my first festy into the ectomobile. Good work!
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              Get. The. Siren.
              In love with a MadScientist!
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                Love the ecto-stiva. Good work there
                1993 GL 5 speed

                It's a MazdaFordnKia thing, and you will understand!


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                  Oh I have a siren. The easiest way for the ecto siren is a p.a. And an mp3. I have a loud as the end of the world klaxon that world Just wait, when the car gets home and if I decide to redecorate it, it will be the back to the future dmc. I already have almost everything I need to make it and make it look good.
                  If you need help based on my car to make the ecto let me know. It was cheap quick and easy.


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                    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet dude that looks awesome!!!
                    Send An Invite If Ya Want

                    1991 Ford Festiva GL- Auto


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                      Thanks. It is super Fun to drive.


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                        Posting night time video on fb